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"The Little Bird Who Wanted to Fly" is an inspiring, modern-day classic about the importance of patience and perseverance.

“Today, I’m going to fly!”
Little Bird decided the time had come for him to spread his wings and soar through the sky like other birds. But sadly, he discovers his wings need to get a little bit longer and stronger. His caring friends, Bumblebee and Squirrel, offer a hilarious counting dance and exercise to help him fly, but will it work? One day, Little Bird’s parents share a special and powerful message with Little Bird, but will he accept it or give up?

"The Little Bird Who Wanted to Fly" includes the following learning opportunities:

-Color Recognition
- Counting
- Character Traits (Patience, Perseverance, Ambition)
- Time of Day (Morning, Afternoon, Night)
- Wisdom (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
- Healthy Eating Habits
-Problem Solving
- Music and Movement
and more.

The Little Bird Who Wanted to Fly is the perfect gift for any home, classroom, or shelf that a young child can reach!

The Little Bird's Draw and Write Journal is a beginner level notebook. It is designed to provide plenty of space for emerging young artists and writers to express their creative ideas, jot down observations, or practice writing letters.
The introductory page includes uppercase and lowercase letters.
On each of the following pages, the top half of the page is left blank, and the other half is divided by three primary lines (top line, middle dotted line, and bottom line). It is the perfect gift to any young child, teacher, classroom, homeschool educators, or parents with preschoolers, kindergarteners, first graders, or second graders.

The Little Bird's Draw and Write Journal is inspired by the book The Little Bird Who Wanted to Fly written by Breanna Churchill and Elizaveta Kres.

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